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Hello World!

The first blog post! Actually there was a Codeatelier blog before – but that one was used very infrequently. To be precise only one time. But all of that is going to change now. We are motivated, the website is shiny new and due to Timo and Kirby working perfectly fine.

NSLog(@"Hello World!");
printf("Hello World!");
cout << "Hello World!" << endl;
System.out.println("Hello World!");
echo "Hello World!";

Why a Codeatelier blog?

We wanted to have a new blog for a long time, actually. Due to the launch of homee, bigger contracting projects and the redesign of the homee apps we didn’t have time to concentrate on the blog, our website redesign and social media. By now, with our sixth employee Timo, we increased our “manpower“. But the crucial reason for our blog are our homee users. They are interested in the development and we want to provide them with background information about homee. Besides homee we keep ourselves busy with many other topics. The blog provides the perfect platform to show this to you. I think it can be very motivating to reflect our own work - furthermore we’d simply really like to write something.

What is this blog about?

I have already mentioned a few things. So for one thing we want to report on our work on homee and for another, if possible, show you what we do for our clients. In so doing we want to focus less on the result but more on our way to get there as well as on the techniques and the workflows we used. On our new site we passed on case studies. But in this blog we can show you some projects or special pieces of projects without that much effort. By no means it should be all about our work. We want to cover other topics that engage us in our private or agency life, too. But because we’re all interested in design and development we think there will be a common thread through out all articles.


Who is writing this blog?

Our blog shall get filled by all of our team members. Since we’re a small team of six and we all work on different topics I think that this is a good choice. Each of us has their own perspective on our collective work. Tobias and Thomas will write more about homee’s intelligence and Jochen and Waldemar more about app development. With me however it’s all about concept and design – Timo additionally has a web development perspective. Thus we are able to shine a light on all aspects of our work as Codeatelier.

With the Codeatelier blog we hope to provide you with interesting information. We like to share our experiences and the things we learned and hope you’ll benefit from it, too. If you’ve got wishes or suggestions for our blog don’t hesitate to contact us via twitter, facebook or email.

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