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Develop, beta-test, release: the homee update process

Some may have suspected by it by now: After some long weeks and months without providing you with regular updates, we've put up a working update process. Of course we had to test that process some time to see if we can really keep what we promise, but today we are ready to let you know how the homee update process works!

Monthly updates
One thing is for sure: Every 27th of a month, we will release an update for your homee, providing you with fresh new features, bug fixes and improvements. No matter if it's christmas, thanksgiving or your grandma's birthday – you can rely on our update and mark the date in your calenders. In addition to that we'll publish a blog article and send out our newsletter, which will introduce and explain the most important new features and changes.

Before releasing an update, it has to be tested first. That's why every update has to pass a testing phase, the beta-phase. We plan to start that phase one week before release – but this date is not set in stone like the update day! As the beta-phase starts, beta-testers can already update their homees. We really need and value the opinion and feedback of the beta-testers, because it's their experiences that allow us to release an update for you that works and won't cause you trouble or technical problems.

Becoming a beta-tester
Do you want to test homee updates one week before everyone else and support our developer team? You can download the beta version here:

Help us improve: visit our homee community for beta feedback
Beta-testers are invited to visit our homee Community. For every beta version, we open up a thread where you can exchange your experiences with other testers and give us heads up about what you think about the new features. We want to know what works and which part could need some more time and improvement. We're really looking forward to reading all your thoughts

If you're interested to know in detail what's changed in homee between updates, visit our website and read the latest changelogs. Also find news on the beta-versions from the start of the beta-phase:

By the way: Here you can find the final release notes from the 27th forward.

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