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Meet the Team: Jochen

How did you become a part of Codeatelier?

Together with my former fellow students I founded Codeatelier in 2012. It has always been mine and Waldemar’s dream to run a business and to realize our visions. That is also why I reserved the Codeatelier names and domains at the beginning of my studies. For me programming is as creative as drawing for an architect or painting for a painter.

What did you do before?

I studied Software Engineering and Media Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen. During that time I gained my first experiences in iOS and OS X development at Vemedio (@vemedio). Here, Martin Hering develops Instacast (@instacast), the best podcast app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

What do you do at Codeatelier?

Besides the normal activities as a CEO I am responsible for the iOS and OS X development. On top of that, I design the software architecture and determine and document the API. So when there is an open API, it is because of me.

What does your desk look like?

My desk always has to be tidy and clean. Regarding this I am a little bit fastidious. As long as there isn’t an external Retina 5K Display from Apple, I am very satisfied with my 15“ rMBP.


What do you like about your work at Codeatelier?

I like the creativity inside our whole team. We are a young and highly motivated team, always looking for the best solutions possible. It’s nice to be faced with new and interesting technical challenges and always be up to date.

What is your most important app, that you couldn’t live without?

Xcode – a love-hate relationship. Whoever wants to develop for iOS or OS X can’t live without it. In contrast to some other IDEs, Xcode is great – but still, some bugs drive me crazy.

Which technical innovation interests you the most at the time?

There are two innovations I follow quite interested:

  1. Apple Watch: The opinion of the media about the Apple Watch is split, but for me this is a new possibility to communicate and interact with your home through homee.
  2. Tesla Powerwall: In my opinion, Elon Musk and his team think further than any politicians or governments. Especially in an automotive area like Stuttgart, people often smile at Tesla, but the Powerwall shows the true foresight of this company.

What do you do in your private time?

I activley play soccer since 25 years. Even though it becomes more and more difficult to manage, I love all sportive activities. There are several things I still want to try: kitesurfing, free running or capoeira.

Which cube is your favorite?

For me, the cubes that are still in development are the most exciting ones. We are experimenting a lot, but at the moment my favorite color is orange. ;)

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