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homee as a burglar's nightmare? Our developers on how homee makes their homes smart

Smart home control stations can make things like heating systems or light smart - that's at least what I thought before I started at Codeatelier some weeks ago. But I soon found out that I was terribly wrong! Those things are just the tip of the iceberg. Our little homee can do so much more - e.g. scaring away burglars or helping you to breath the right amount of oxygen...

My colleagues, the developers behind homee, are teasing out so many really cool and smart features - it'd be a shame not to share them with you! This is why I asked them to give three examples of how homee makes their homes smarter - and of course we'll giving you all the devices you need to try those features out yourselfes!

For friends of a healthy oxygen supply

Function: "Ventilation"
If Co2 value rises above 1.500ppm, standard-lamp turns red (CO2-sensor; smart light)
If our developer Timo's lamp turns red, he knows: I need to open all windows, otherwise my brain might quit its job soon.
After some time, the CO2-value is fine again - and of course our smart friend homee recognizes that as well...

Hier seht ihr ein Homeegramm zur Funktion

That means it's time for "stop ventilation"
If CO2 value drops under 500ppm and every window is open, our considerate homee sends out a push notification saying "Please close windows" (door/windows sensor/CO2 sensor).

And to be completely sure that your neighbour's cat won't sneak in through a forgotten open window and turns your flat upside down:
Function: "All windows closed?"
After the homeegramm has been completed and not before every window has been closed, homee praises you by sending another push notification saying "All the windows are closed now". You can even connect this function with your front door, so when leaving your home, you can be entirely sure that every window has been closed. (Door / window sensor)
"Smart, aint it?

homee as a burglar's nightmare

What the heck can homee do against uninvited guests in your home? Well, our homee is a smart guy, you know that. So it's beneath him to bark or throw around things. homee has his style!
Function: "Alarm system"
If someone opens the door, the radio gets turned on for 30 seconds on full volume and all the lights in the house start blinking! (Door / window sensor; plug adapter)
Just lean back for a second and imagine the face on that burglar who's sure to break into an empty house - and all of a sudden he's struck by loud music and flashing lights! I am not sure whether he'll start believing in ghosts or deeply doubt his power of observation - but he'll definitely think twice about breaking in again.

Hier seht ihr ein Homeegramm zur Funktion

You also want this? Here's what you need
The Codeatelier team wrote down a list for you, naming all the devices you need if you also want homee to help you get the right amount of oxygen or scaring away some uninvited guests.

First of all, you need the lovely homee: Brain Cube, Z-Wave, EnOcean and the new cube ZigBee.

Those communicate with:

If you feel like integrating our tips into your own smart home: We're really looking forward to reading about your experiences and get your feedback: visit our homee community and let us know how it worked out for you!

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